Where we are now

What has Technology done for education so far?

Technology has been advancing dramatically in the past few years, these advancements are crucial for education. So far the most noticeable improvements have been:

  • Projectors
  • Cameras & Mics
  • Online databases & Web tools
  • Touch Screen Technology


Projects have been very valuable in colleges and although not fully embraced in schools, they are also very useful there too.

Teachers and lectures can prepare slides for classes, use projectors to teach from them in class and the most valuable part is that they can be posted online so students can view them afterwards.

Cameras & Mics:

Using cameras, lectures can be recorded and posted on blogs and YouTube etc. This can be very useful for studying as students can hear what a lecturer is talking about aswell as seeing the slides and thus making it easier to understand the material.

Online databases & Web tools:

In NUI Galway all students use a web tool called Blackboard, every student has an account and can log on at any time, they can view and download all course material and assignments. Lecturers can post all the material and assignments and also news about exams and extracurricular activities.

Wolfram alpha is a Maths tool that was developed in 2009, it is an intelligent search engine and is well designed for computational knowledge.

Touch Screen Technology:

Touch Screen technology has proved itself very valuable in our everyday life, but also in education. Notes can be stored on ipads or online and accessed by ipads. Notes can be taking using ipads, thus making it much easier to be organised and not to lose information.

A school in Meath was the first school in Ireland to give all their students ipads instead of books. The ipads contain all the books the students need and reports say that it is working very well and that students are finding it easier to study using them. Also students no longer have to carry heavy books to school. This is important as there was a lot of complaints made to the HSE about this.


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